Royal Opera House

Kaufmann’s Winterreise

Curtain Call, Winterreise, Royal Opera House, 6 April 2014: Helmut Deutsch and Jonas Kaufmann

Curtain Call, Winterreise, Royal Opera House, 6 April 2014: Helmut Deutsch and Jonas Kaufmann (set: Act 3, Richard Eyre La Traviata) Blurry iPhone picture!

The long-awaited date arrived: Jonas Kaufmann finally stepped out into the stripped-down Act 3 set from La Traviata, with Helmut Deutsch at the piano, to give a performance of Schubert’s intense song-cycle Winterreise. And it was as remarkable as it was expected to be, more so perhaps than the recent CD issue suggested. (more…)

Well, that was 2011…

RestrictedView Opera 2011 InfographicRoundups (or should that be ’rounds-up’?) of the past year seem to be all the rage, so I thought I’d join the party. And, rather than just write it up, I thought it deserved the infographic treatment (click on the image, left), which was a neat way of whiling away a few leisurely Christmas hours and learning a bit about my Adobe software along the way.



Intermezzo updated.

And this tweet:

@RoyalOperaHouse For those who are following the story, @inter_mezzo blog has been updated

Further to comments in previous posts: that’s more like it.  An active participant in the debate, and a slightly more ‘human’ – as distinct from ‘institutional’ – tone.

A further line drawn.  As I said, it’s slow time that counts, but it’s nice to think we’re slowly warming up again.

Beware the settling dust in Bow Street

Well, well.  That was quite a day, wasn’t it?  I don’t imagine the senior officers of the Royal Opera were in the most tranquil of states as they slipped into the Auditorium for the opening night of the season.  I look forward to the first reviews – by newspapers or bloggers, with or without pictures – of Così Fan Tutte.

So what have we learned?  A few things struck me.  Setting aside the obvious ‘power of the crowd’, ‘power of the Internet’, ‘power of Twitter’ and all similar observations, the response of the Royal Opera House to the storm is instructive for anyone working on organisational applications of social media. (more…)

Royal Opera House loses the plot (and some grammar and spelling)

I am so bloody mad right now. There is one institution which, above all others, keeps me living in this miserable, difficult, trying, exhausting, expensive city of ours. It is the Royal Opera House. And they have seriously pissed all over that loyalty.

The inspiration for me getting into this blogging lark was Intermezzo. You’ll note I make a few references to her excellent and engaging reviews, snippets and discussions about opera and classical music. Initially I was going to make my blog a more broad platform, talking about life generally, but actually opera is the thing about which I enjoy writing, so off I go. I am but a pale imitation of Intermezzo, but I have fun, and here I am because of that lead. (more…)

Deloitte Ignite 2010 at the Royal Opera House

Popped along to the Ignite weekend today at the ROH.  Didn’t bowl me over particularly, but it makes for an interesting hour or two wandering around the Royal Opera House for free.

Trying to decipher the programme in advance was impossible.  When you arrive, you get a free programme.  Your starting point is the Linbury (if you follow the guide) and, in the foyer, there’s a kids’ giant ball kickaround area.  If I say that the programme describes the “inflatable, petalled balls” as being “inspired by the bright, jewel colours of Japanese forests”, you’ll get an immediate sense of the hyperbole at work.