Paul Daniel

Glorious Gloriana

I’m sure Richard Jones’ production of Britten’s 1953 Coronation gift-gone-awry will have split the audience; it certainly did our little group. The device of framing it as a small-town production of the opera around the time of its composition (complete with visiting QEII to witness it) provided some cluttered ‘business’ in the wings – directors, stagehands, man in overalls to raise the ‘unseen’ curtain, that sort of thing. However, whilst others found it difficult to connect with, I thought it a fine evening dramatically, just as it was musically. (more…)

Video killed the opera star: Lucrezia Borgia at ENO

First, a public service announcement: English National Opera’s high-key publicity around Mike Figgis’s operatic debut seems calculated to draw in that mythical ‘new audience’.  If you were indeed lured out of the cinema to this Lucrezia Borgia as your first experience of opera, then I am here to beg you to stick with the genre: it does get better.  Much better. (more…)