Egils Silins

Salome dances again

Caught the last night of the run of Salome at the ROH.  A good outing for the production, a strong cast and some fantastic orchestral playing and conducting.  And a lot of blood.

(Sir) David McVicar’s production continues to deliver the full-on decadence-and-gore experience, with a bit of titillation thrown in from the thoroughly-muscled naked executioner. Some of its flaws became a little more evident.  In particular, the Dance of the Seven Veils is imaginatively done, and for the most part effective, but it doesn’t end confidently, rather it just fizzles out, particularly noticeable given that the music has that fabulous scurrying flourish at the close.


The Dutchman that flew, except when it didn’t

Hazy Sunset at seaTim Albery’s production of Der Fliegende Holländer returned to Covent Garden and, better late than never, I’m able to jot down my thoughts on the last night, 4 November.

It was notable for a very split approach to the pacing of the drama: onwards from the meeting of Senta and the Dutchman, right through to the conclusion, it was electric; Senta’s Ballad, however, seemed to me a perverse essay in how slowness can be confused with profundity and, momentarily, it threatened to derail the whole two-hour-and-a-half hour enterprise. (more…)

Where’d he go??

Oh, dear.  A bit of a bloggin’ disaster.  Moving house got me out of the habit, out of the frame of mind, and out of the path of a computer for rather too long.  I do apologise, and especially to the two people who were kind enough to trouble themselves with comments on previous blogposts, which then sat in unloved cyberspace for two months.  Tsk tsk, not good enough. (more…)