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 Musical score - C19 house drawing - pugin floral ornament

So, a bit of a change of direction for the blog…

In 2009, when I started out, it was going to be a ‘general life’ blog: interests, experiences, work, home, etc. Quickly, I left the work out of the mix, which was largely due to an uncertainty (which does still persist to some extent) about where a local government officer can go when blogging about work, and the division between political and non-political. The focus, under the banner ‘Recitative‘, was therefore opera and music, and this continued for over 200 posts over the next four or so years. I never intended an ‘authoritative’ view, just my view. Invariably we sat in the Lower Slips at the opera, and so the tickets were ‘restricted view’. That made for a nice Twitter handle, and actually it’s a nice reminder that we all have a restricted view on things: we all see things through our own lens, through our own gap in the fence, and so for a while I thought about  changing the blog title to reflect that.

Over recent years my interests have shifted: architectural history has been a keen enthusiasm for some time, and I wanted a place to start ‘thinking out loud’ about it; likewise issues around design (typography, graphic design, and design history, particularly of the late C19); and local history and ‘civic life’. I’m a trustee of a venerable local history, science and archaeology charity, Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society, and it would be good to have somewhere to talk about that stuff more.

And so, Recitative becomes My Restricted View. With the posts in the archive being dominant, it’s still pretty much opera-focused, but I hope that will slowly change. Just my corner of the internet, as I see the world upon which I look out, and the things that interest me.


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