2013 in summary

As has become customary, a round-up of 2013 on a single page. A very varied year, with a remarkable number of operas new to me. Costs creeping up slightly, largely thanks to Glyndebourne and the Proms, though the ROH average is up slightly.

I’ve left off the blog summaries. 8,285 page views, down on 2012’s 8.562. Modest. In terms of popular posts this year, aside from the ‘home page’ hits, the celebration of the wonder that is Anja Harteros garnered 631 views and is the most popular, with a very frequent search term being ‘Anja Harteros’s Husband’ to find it, which seems slightly discomforting. My now-moderated discussion from 2011 of the Glyndebourne Associate Membership scheme follows it up with 602 visits. Then comes 168 visits to the images on the ‘snoop backstage at ENO‘ post, again from 2011. The most popular straightforward review, pleasingly, is that of Surrey Opera’s Iernin with 132 hits. Haven’t quite worked out how to get the comment stats in summary for the year, but I could probably count them manually, which suggests I’m not being sufficiently social with my blogging…

Ah well, a happy new year one and all…!

RestrictedView - Opera 2013.  Click to open (pdf file).

RestrictedView – Opera 2013. Click to open (pdf file).

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