Callow and Wagner

Richard Wagner (creative commons/Wikimedia)

Richard Wagner (creative commons/Wikimedia)

Went to see Inside Wagner’s Head in the Linbury Theatre at the Royal Opera House last night, and thought it a thoroughly engaging one-man show. It told Wagner’s life story, in broad outline, over nearly two hours without a break.  Very congenial, interestingly discursive, and it had just the right balance between historical speculation and a sound factual basis for the narrative. As an example, there was a neat bit of artistic licence in Callow’s choice of a northern British accent for the Saxony-born composer, added a dash of ‘grit’ to Wagner’s operatic iconoclasm. But it was infused with a glorious enthusiasm; and, quite frankly, it was an astonishing feat just to be able to remember all the words.

A nice way to limber back up in time for my first proper engagement of the 2013/14 season: Turandot. Wonder if Wagner would have approved?!

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