Umm, what to say about Don Pasquale?

This will be a quick one.  I can’t really find much to write about, weirdly.  Don Pasquale was last weekend, and hasn’t left much of a mark.

I enjoyed it, no doubt.  It tinkled along.  Buffos blustered, choruses fussed, sopranos sparkled, they all clambered about on an ambitious set, but overall it left little impression.

One thing I did notice was that, when they stepped down from the monumental dolls house set, their voices acquired a new bloom and projection that had previously not been present.  Iride Martinez, in particular, as Norina benefited from this, having previously sounded a little thin and underpowered but improving markedly when down the front of the stage.  Barry Banks was excellent in his serenade, a lovely moment of calm amidst the (rather trivial) to-ing and fro-ing.  And who knew Paolo Gavanelli was a comedian, and an effective one at that? I liked the set, but it did have its auditory downsides.

Ah well, not everything can be Parsifal, or indeed the Makropoulos Case…

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