Another roundup

Have been a bit tardy in committing thoughts to keyboard.  So, recently:  Kat’a Kabanova; Fascinating Aida; Sweet Nothings.  Reasonably varied, n’est ce pas?

Kat’a:  brilliant performances, especially Patricia Racette as an assured but tortured Kat’a; well-paced; production lost some of its power through overdoing the caricature of Kabanicha and leaving too much draughty, empty space; from dress circle side, words were much more audible than usual at ENO.  A brilliant evening, all in all.

Fascinating Aida:  fabulously filthy in parts; touching in others; cleverly satirical throughout; overall enjoyment just the same as the last two times I saw that show

Sweet Nothings:  appallingly banal and irritating first act full of characters about which I couldn’t have cared less; more mature and interesting second act with a bit more development and interaction; clever production; tireless performances.

Sondheim on Saturday, hooray…  and thank God for bank holiday weekends…

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