Getting out

Must do this more often.  Despairing of weekends spent doing nothing in particular other than noodling about on the computer, and having the evening to myself, I decided to whisk myself off to the South Bank Centre with a view to settling down in the public foyer of the Royal Festival Hall for a glass of wine and a belated start on research for my dissertation.

My dissertation has not, as far as I recall, figured in this blog to date.  It’s for a Masters in Public Administration at Warwick Business School, entering the second ‘extension’ year.  Which means I have to get my arse in gear because this really cannot go on!  I have other things to do, beyond taking five (FIVE!) years to get a bloody MBA.

Anyway, having stopped halfway through for a pizza, I am now in the Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer with another glass of wine, bringing online researches to a close.  A rather pleasant and contemplative evening.  The QEH is much buzzier than the RFH, though to be fair, I think they had more happening on the programme…

Note to self:  next time, less wine and more research.

[Both QEH and Purcell Room audiences have just been recalled to their respective auditoria.  My buzzy temporary ‘study’ now looks like the aftermath of a controlled explosion on a Glyndebourne lawn.  Plastic glasses and drink puddles everywhere.]

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