And the rest is silence

The blogging disappeared for a bit there, possibly on account of having a pleasant but nonetheless rather aimless summer.  We were last seen heading to St Pancras for the wonderfully fast trip non-stop to Paris.  A few days in a stupendously expensive city (€11.90 for  a 500ml beer?  Get real!) which were nonetheless very pleasant, and then back home to slowly wind back up to the daily grind and the great bank-holiday-free expanse that is September to December.  (Actually, that’s a bit overly-bleak, given I’m going for a week in Mykonos in a few weeks’ time!)

Opera season starts up again soon, wahey!  Our first engagement is, I think, Don Carlos on 18 September and there is much excitement at the prospect of Mr Kaufmann.  Tristan is up next (will Heppner cancel? How will the principals compare to the faintly Noel Coward picture advertising the production?) and then I think we have a Carmen to inject a bit of trashy kitsch into the gloom of October, alongside the wonderful L’Heure Espagnole and Gianni Schicchi which proved such fantastic introductions to these works when the production aired in 2007. 

Can’t complain I guess, although we have made a resolution to ensure that there are more concerts and other stuff interspersing the opera.  I think the rather heavy end to the season (was it seven operas in two or three weeks, or something similarly daft?) taught us to pace ourselves and vary the diet!

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