Glyndebourne Tristan und Isolde: quicky

Rushing off to the station to go to Paris.  In summary, Torsten Kerl afflicted by an allergic reaction to something.  Ian Storey as stand-in.  Very good, though inevitably a bit uncertain clambering around the curves.  Lost the battle with the third act orchestra.  Georg Zeppenfeld as King Marke fabulous.  Anja Kampe an outstanding Isolde, warmer than many a voice to sing that role and held out for a fabulous Liebestod.  Conducting started all fiery drama, caught the mood of act 2, but sort of lost tension in the third act (or maybe Storey did?) and the Leibestod didn’t quite have the thrust and pulse that I like to have in my, umm, orchestral orgasms.  Fabulous night though…   more later.

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