A Covent Garden grumble

We have tickets for Il Barbiere di Siviglia.  We splashed out on a box in the Balcony, and invited friends to join us.  The production is great fun, and the cast is exemplary.  So far, so good.

Then an e-mail arrives from the ROH.  Juan Diego Florez has pulled out.  He’s doing the live relay two days later and needs more than a day inbetween to ‘rest his voice’. 

I am seriously unimpressed and very unsympathetic.  The rest of the cast can cope.  Does he think it’s a picnic for Joyce DiDonato?  Or Alessandro Corbelli?  Live relays are not decided upon overnight:  they take substantial planning, so he must have known that it was going ahead at the time that we were all going through the ridiculous booking procedures to get the tickets (do you remember logging on, going through the absurd ‘waiting room’ for the ROH site, every morning for four days, to book each production in turn?)  So who’s at fault?  Well, maybe we won’t know, but I am due some compensation from either the ROH or JDF for the hassle they have put me through for this result.

And I am sure that the people who say that Colin Lee is good are not lying, and that he is indeed very worthy and able to take the place of Mr Florez.  That’s not the point though, I’m afraid…

And finally, the interesting twist comes when you look at the original press release that announces the 08/09 season.  It has Colin Lee down for this performance.  JDF was definitely down for the performance at the booking, but Colin Lee was down beforehand, and is now ‘stepping in’.  What are we to make of that?  I shall ask the Opera House and post the reply.


One comment

  1. Never did get around to asking the Opera House! Oh well, onwards and upwards. Still grrrrr though.

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