Has it been that long?

It’s been manic busy of late, so have run out of momentum for blogging (which was dangerous, because I didn’t really get much momentum in the first place…).

Since the last post (as it were… banish thoughts of solitary trumpet calls floating over the assembled throng…) there’s been a birthday.  35.  Half way through, if earlier despatches are to be believed.  Keep having the feeling that this should provide some sort of focus, but so far it’s been business as usual, save for the nagging of that very thought…

Lohengrin at Covent Garden.  Good cast all round, conducting good but divided opinion in our little group – I wanted a bit more fire, ‘is nibs thought it was spectacular.  Isn’t art a wonderful thing?  The baddies were a little better than the goodies:  scenery (as much of it as there was…) was indeed chewed.  The hero had a most unfortunate build and, in the words of one blogsite which I cannot resist quoting he did indeed look like a ‘wardrobe in a nightdress’.  And the knights tripped over the billowing red fabric on the floor and nearly dropped poor Telramund on his way out – apart from not being able to sing, that’s another reason for me not to be an opera singer, since I don’t think I could have resisted the natural and pressing urge to yelp and probably swear…


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