I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue

Can’t believe I forgot to mention in the last post:  Sunday evening was ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ recording at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket.  Stephen Fry doing the most daunting of things and stepping into the shoes of Humph.  I think he was marvellous, though I think a little nervous.  Two shows were recorded and, excitement of excitement, joining the regulars on the panel (Graham Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Barry Cryer) was Victoria Wood.  A sumptous feast of comedic delights.  Seen from about 120ft away in the Gods cos that was the only tickets left…

What highlights?  A game where they play multiple board games with each other (shake of dice; “a five…”; clop, clop, clop, clop, clop; “Checkmate”; pass turn to Graham Garden; “I don’t think so: queen’s knight six to Old Kent Road”).  Sven replacing an indisposed Samantha.  I won’t describe him, but Stephen Fry was quite lyrical in his praise, so you’ll get the picture.  He had to nip out early, which was a shame because he was quite easy on the eye, but it was because he “had the builders in and needed to make them a bit of lunch.  He’s making cheese sandwiches and, no matter how often they ask for quality chutney, Sven always palms them off with cheap relish”.  Uxbridge English Dictionary, courtesy of Victoria Wood:  “dictaphone:  annoying man glued to his mobile”.  Completing quotes from Paris Hilton:  Stephen:  “My favourite place is London.  Whenever I think of London I always think of the…”  Bzzzz!  Victoria:  “… gondolas.” 

Anyone curious will want to know that they played Mornington Crescent with the exclusions in place on anything outside Jessop’s Loop.  With Stephen and Victoria new to the game, I think we all agreed that it was sensible.

We were part of an AudienceBoo: a wonderful bit of inspired lunacy from Stephen Fry wherein he recorded us on his iPhone and then posted it there and then to Twitter (Tim Brooke-Taylor:  “we’re not keeping you from the bar, are we?”).  How wonderful to be a tiny molecule swirling around on the crest of a new wave…  http://audioboo.fm/boos/10977-audienceboo

Ca suffit pour maintenant.  Adieu, adieu, to yeu and yeu and… is anyone out there?

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