Birthday passes…

With a birthday just gone, it’s been a nice week of distractions.  It culminated in Dido & Aeneas and Acis & Galatea at the Royal Opera House (with the Royal Ballet thrown in for good measure, though to questionable effect in the Purcell, albeit quite positive effect in the Handel).  Some terrific singing, but a production that sort of needs a bit of oomph in it.  I normally quite like those ‘stripped down’ stagings that are quite stark and simple, but this just seemed to leave people a bit adrift on the stage (except when trolleys full of trees were rumbled on, and then rumbled off…)

Oo, and excitingly my other half arranged a birthday surprise whereby we were given the key to go up the tower of the Hawksmoor church that we live nearby and peer around.  Was a bit scary at the top, with a particularly icky moment of clambering out of a door on to the roof over a sort of drop back down the spiral staircase (*shudder*), but was quite spectacular to stand up there and look around.  Loved the laissez-faire attitude of the Rector who just let us borrow the key (having showed the ‘other half’ the way up beforehand).

Onwards and upwards (well, off to bed actually)… Yaaaawwwnnnn… is it the World Service yet?

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