A blog born of procrastination

With a dissertation to write and various work tasks hanging over me this weekend, when better to start a blog?  I am hoping that some coherence will develop in the posts that I make, but maybe it won’t and maybe the blog will be the more interesting for it.

As the ‘about’ section suggests, life presents a number of options for this blog.  Some posts will be work-related (that’s the local government bit, in case you hadn’t guessed), but I can’t in all conscience set out to construct an entire ‘day in the life of a senior manager in local government in the UK’ blog, no matter how eventful that day might be (in my terms…)  Alternatively, the main occupier of my out-of-work time is opera, music and theatre of various kinds and I hope that I’ll feel inclined to chip in my two penn’orth about various performances that I attend or other observations on London’s (or, indeed, elsewhere’s) musical life.  Armed with my trusty Canon EOS400D, I will hopefully also have a few interesting images to put up for any reader’s perusal – in case you’re wondering, the header is a composite based around graffiti’d chunk of metal from Beckton Alps, east London (yes, such a place does exist…)

And then throw in a load of other things into the mix:  London’s built history, Pevsner guides, anything that makes me go ‘grr’, and the sort of nonsense that we all generate in casual contact with our friends.

Hmm, not sure if I’m entirely settled on this theme…

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